Abu Dhabi Government’s Five-Year Plan


1 400

June 14th, 2016

Live and multimedia show

Project development: 5 months

Rare are the opportunities to bring together the United Arab Emirates' heads of state and highest-ranking dignitaries for a presentation of the government's five-year plan with an emotional dimension…

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Thanks to an original production supported by a spectacular technical programme, spectators were invited to follow young Emiratis facing the challenges of their society.

The end was imbued with hope, featuring the disappearance of the more than 40-metre-wide screen to reveal a superb exhibition space showing the immediate solutions to the challenges posed by the children.

Executive producer



Les Petits Français and JBM

Concept, show design, contents direction, and production


Production team

Benjamin Monié, Executif Producer

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer

Malcolm J.Mcinnes, Production Director

Anne Larra, Artistic Production Director

Charles Poirier , Tecnical Director

Kristina Voronina, Administration

Muhammad Waqas, Production Assistant


Artistic team

Martin Arnaud & Benjamin Monié, Show design and Direction


Original soundtrack

Julien Monié

JBM Studio


Design and image production

François Simerey Studio



Lighting design and programming

Martial Barrault


Stage design of the exhibition

Thierry Prieur



Toby Plummer