Closing ceremony of the 11th African Games

Kintele Stadium, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

70 000

September 20th, 2015

Live & multimedia show

Project development: 9 months

A unique and innovative 360° show, performed on the ground, but also in the air…

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In the middle of a 50-metre pool (7 850m2), a hovering cube, which undergoes constant metamorphoses throughout the ceremony in order to dramatically present the strength and modernity of African youth and the balance between sport and local culture.

On the heels of a gymnastic pre-show offered by the Chinese delegation, the ceremony, composed of 10 main scenes, represented a nation proud of its roots and confident in its future.

Almost 1,000 local performers in communion with a highly ambitious technical set-up (rigging, machinery, video-mapping, special effects, pyrotechnics) made for a ceremony in which form and content converged perfectly.

Offering a total immersion in local culture, the ceremony revisited traditions and honoured oral tradition, but was also anchored in modernity with a good dose of that particular brand of pride of Congolese young people.

Due to the sporting competitions taking place on the site of the ceremony, we were only able to “take possession” of the venue two days before the show. We therefore had to put in place a complex logic of rehearsals, separating the live elements from the technical, in order to bring the two together once on site, at the last minute.

To add to the challenge, which was already complicated by the Games schedule, a sand storm blew up (something which the Congolese could not remember ever seeing happen there before) during our pre-show, two hours before the ceremony. Thanks to the incredible technical team and the determination of all participants, the show took place in optimum conditions, much to the spectators’ surprise.

Live ! by GL Events

Executive producer


Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction, content and artistic production


Production team

Emmanuel David, CEO

Séverine Colas, Co-Director of the International and Large Events Unit

Thierry Coutant, Co-Director of the International and Large Events Unit

Hervé  Chaumont, Production Director, assisted by Virginie Arbid

Alicia Maurey, Project Director

Clément Duprat, Project Assistant

Christian Balende, Consultant


Artistic team

Martin Arnaud, Show designer and Director

Anne Larra, Artistic Producer

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer

Tadrina Hocking, 1st Assistant

Caroline Grisard, Show caller

Jean François Branchereau, Production Coordinator


Conception and image production


Marc Vidal

Jérôme Sérane

Philippe Granier

François Simerey Studio

Philéas Images

Jocelyn Mazeau


Original soundtrack

Pierre Caillot

Philippe Villar

Pascal Lengagne

Fabien Langard

Yoan Corchia, Sound Engineer


Lighting design and programming

Vincent Mongourdin


Costumes design and production

Caroline Denquin, assisted by Flore Géran


Pyrotechnics design and production

Grand Final

Stéphane Bazoge

Pierre-Emmanuel Gelis


Stage managers

Jean Marc Hennaut

Daniel Adami

Renaud Campana

Sebastien Jovys

Christophe Bernard

Fréderic Margot

Roman Boiste

Frédéric Raynaud

Patricia Vallet

Laetitia Bonetti

Nuria Nava Coll

Arnaud Perrel

Amanda Lavenant


Technical and logistics team

Charles Pavie, Technical Director

Boris Gueorguievsky, Logistics Director



FL structures




Jean Claude Blaser


Cats engineering

Thomas Loriaux



ETC Audiovisuel


Light, poswer distribution, communications


GL Audiovisuel


Special effects, flames, submerged led screen

Crystal Group


Show control




Myli Bourigault

Pierre Le Tulzo

Fred Raynaud