“Bollywoodland, love never dies”


25 000

April 14th – May 3rd, 2009

Live multimedia show

Project development: 9 months

The agency Les Petits Français wanted to adapt the concept of Bollywood – famous in the cinema – for the theatre, and came up with a dramatic love story awash with original effects.

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It is a unique work and an original composition in that it combines theatre, dance, live music and projection techniques of a kind usually only seen in large-scale shows.

The play, set against the backdrop of modern India, recounts the epic story of two young lovers. An omnipresent narrator serves to establish a close relationship between the stage and the public by elucidating events as they unfold. Dramatic scenes alternate with lighter moments, mirroring the world of Bollywood, in which all feelings are heightened.

The extraordinary dynamism of the choreographies lends the show a furious pace.

The projection and modelling techniques used add a dimension of emotions not typical of the theatre, which is transformed throughout the show to the considerable surprise of the audience, as they are immersed in a cinematic universe.

Finally, the music selected reprises some of the great theme tunes composed by Bollywood’s musical geniuses. These pieces are performed live.

Bollywoodland is a complete show, inspiring a host of emotions in audiences.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, content and artistic production

Martin Arnaud, Conception and Direction

Marilyn Kuentz, Project Management and Artistic Coordination

Saul Badillo, First Assistant

Anne Larra, Artistic Production

Jean-Marc Hennaut, Stage Design

Pierre Caillot, Musical Adaptation and Direction

Philippe Desbois, Music Co-Direction

Fabien Langard, Sound Design

Christophe Bertiaux, Video Design

François Simerey, Video Images Production

Bruno Corsini, Light Design

Laurence Duhamel, Light Co-Design

Pepa Calvo, Adaptation of Dialogs (Spanish)

Moïra Smith, Adaptation of Dialogs (English)

Jessie Hundleby, Adaptation of Dialogs (English)

Perrine Arnaud, Storyboard

Monsieur QQ, Set and Prop Design

Dulcie Best, Costume Design

Anne-Marie Baron, Costume First Assistant

Caroline Denquin, Costume Assistant

Magali Bouton, Costume Assistant

Yan Kaimakis, Video Programming