Fortified walls and Château Comtal of the Medieval City, Carcassonne, France


July 12th, 2021 – August 28th, 2021

Immersive show-itinerary

Project development: 4 months

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While the COVID-19 pandemic was still rife, the medieval City of Carcassonne re-opened with a night-time show.

As the concept had to comply with pandemic-related restrictions, we designed and staged an immersive show-itinerary, where visitors could stroll about alone or in small groups.

The keystone of this adventure was the embedded narration delivered via autonomous headsets, with the relevant sequences being activated according to the spectators’ positions as they walk around.

We wanted to give history a new lease of life to make it accessible to as broad a spectrum of people as possible. This was achieved by having a group of kids, young “pirates of the airwaves”, chipping in along the way while the guide delivered his talk.

As night began to fall, the itinerary was transformed by projections, lighting and special effects that illustrated the narrative in real time.

A fresh, impetuous, and fantastic adventure that (re)visits codes and reconnects history with younger generations, using the best of technology to serve the show’s content.

Amaclio Productions


Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, and content production

Martin Arnaud, Original concept and Director

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic collaboration


Sophie de Mullenheim

Original music

Pierre Caillot, Composer


François Simerey Studio: Designer of images and 3D modeling



Technical Services


Filming and editing: Patrick Lefrère

Performer: Muriel Lamy

We are grateful to the Centre des Monuments Nationaux for their active cooperation both in developing and implementing the content.