“Cien años contigo”


15 000

September 19th, 2008

Multimedia and live show

Project development: 9 months

It was only fitting that Valladolid organise a suitably festive celebration to mark the centenary of its city hall... 100 years of local history closely related to 100 years of national history.

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For this event, the City asked Les Petits Français to express the services rendered by the city hall to citizens…

The scenography devised intentionally split the show into two distinct parts, two acts.

A 14×9 meter travelling screen was fixed to the façade of the building.

With an original soundtrack and text, postcards representing 100 years unfurled before spectators’ eyes. The voices of actors known all over Spain were used to narrate the key moments in the city’s history.

As the last postcard appeared, linking past and present, Greta, a famous singer, took the floor, signalling a switch from the third person to a first person narrative… her figure standing out against the backdrop of the building’s clock tower… the screen vanishing into darkness…

The mode of expression in the second act was based on the notion that the services provided by the municipality are performed through its employees and staff. The idea was therefore to lend the building an organic expression, to have it breathe and move and to give it substance.

After its structure had been drawn, the building came to life to generate a mobile reinterpretation of the various services and some famous chapters in the history of this Casa Consistorial.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction, artistic and content production

Martin Arnaud, Concept, Show Design and Direction

Marilyn Kuentz, Project Management

Pascal Lengagne, Original Soundtrack

Philippe Villar, Sound Design

Christophe Bertiaux / Mon Oeil, Image Design and Production

Luis Morales, Image Production

Pepa Calvo, Script

Sébastien Laugier / Philéas Images, Photos

Max Court / Philéas Images, Edition

Grégoire Alibelli / Philéas Images, Camera

Jean-Marc Hennaut, Technical Direction

Stéphane Bazoge / Fêtes&Feux, Pyrotechnics Design

Pascal Ducos / Fêtes&Feux, Pyrotechnics Design


Project management, valladolid

Fernando Rubio Ballestero

Txema Viteri



Greta, Songs

Ana Otero, Lip synch Voice

Manu Carre, Lip synch Voice

Licas, Lip synch Voice


Urfirnis and CF Eventos

Spanish production

Jorge Gonzalez Blanco / Urfirnis, Production

Manolo casado / Urfirnis, Production Direction

Javier Burgueño / Urfirnis, Production Manager

Iñaki Fernandez / CF Eventos, Co-production

Bruno Balsategui / CF Eventos, Co-production