Gala dinner to support Ekaterinburg, Exhibition 2025 Bid



June 13th, 2018
Project development: 1,5 months

Straight after a crucial presentation in support of Ekaterinburg’s bid to host the World Expo in 2025 at the General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) held in Paris in June 2018, Eventica in collaboration with Les Petits Français was commissioned by Ekaterinburg 2025 Bidding Committee to stage an impactful gala-dinner to entertain World Expo stakeholders and to create a memorable impression of Ekaterinburg’s bid.

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From initial conceptualization through to production, we took care of all aspects of the event: design, set décor, dinner, theatrical animations, logistics, technical and security support.

The dinner was held in the heart of Paris in the Pavilion Gabriel on the Champs Elysees.

Numerous terraces allowed organizers to experiment with lighting and outdoor décor: guests enjoyed making pictures with branded sculptures of Russian dolls covered with colorful lighting.

The entertaining programme was focused on world famous Urals-born Russian entrepreneurs and scientists, such as Mendeleev, Diaghilev and Demidov in a performance which brought a number of famous Russian actors, musicians and singers from Russia to Paris for the event.

The national character of Russia was also reflected in the menu: Russian-style drinks and dishes were designed to support the theme.


Executive Producer


Les Petits Français

Design, co-production, and direction

Martin Arnaud, Artistic Director and Director

Marilyn Kuentz, Producer

Eva Imbrosciano, Project Manager

Yves-Gabriel So, Graphic Designer

Gildas Bizeul, Graphic Designer

Jérôme Deschamps, Light Designer

Laurent Attias, Photographer

Franck Castel, Photographer

Zahia Tamazarit, Logistics Manager

Sonia Roux, Logisitcs Manager

Reza Messaoui, General Manager

Douglas Walter, Stage Manager

Lunis Messaoui, Stage Manager

Ambre Mandout, Props Manager


Design and image production 

François Simerey Studio

Magic Bird



Novelty, technical provider

Nicolas Savigny

Thomas Menguy

Olivier Merle


Côté Jardin, set decor

Benjamin Sebbah


Ubiqus, translation

Romain Géli


Phileas Image, live feed, and filming

Sébastien Laugier

Grégoire Alibelli

Vivien Tacita

Théo Lambert

Jocelyn Lamber

Rémi Thevenard