Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris

50 000

September 20th, 2013

Multimedia and pyrotechnical show

Project development: 5 months


On the initiative of Defacto, in charge of managing and promoting the business district of La Défense, the vast square of the Parvis de la Défense played host to a multimedia and pyrotechnical show created and produced by Les Petits Français.

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A fascinating theme: Space!

From the Big Bang to the appearance of life, then the conquest of space and encounters with mysterious extra-terrestrials, the show delved into our solar system, with the help of a large-scale scenographical programme.

Thanks to the technique of video-mapping, the façade of the Grande Arche was metamorphosed by projections that altered its appearance for the duration of this journey into space. The original soundtrack coupled with a voice-over made it possible to guide and transport spectators during the show. The water screen, 50 metres wide by 18 metres high, created an exceptional holographic projection surface to add another dimension to the piece. Last but not least, pyrotechnics lent precision and elegance to the sequences, while a rich and powerful grand finale took the audience’s breath away.

For almost 40 minutes, the Parvis de la Défense was became the stage for an exciting and playful space odyssey – taking some 50,000 spectators along for the ride. The team enlisted the expertise of Christophe Galfard, Doctor of Theoretical Physics, renowned for his ability to make science accessible to a broad audience.

A key figures:

– 15 minutes of pre-show

– 35 minutes of show

– 32 video-projectors

– 12 structures for sound transmission and light equipment

– 1 water screen, 50 metres wide by 18 metres high

– 500 kg of active pyrotechnical material and almost 15,000 projectiles

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction and executive production

Martin Arnaud, Show Designer and Director

Marilyn Kuentz, Show Producer

Rachel Gonidec, Project Manager


Technical and logistics production

Antoine Bertrand, Technical Director

Damien Peltier, Technical Manager

Laurent Laborne, Technical Manager


Contents and writing of original texts

Christophe Galfard, Scientific Adviser and Writter

Benoît Allemane, Voice-over

Delphine Liez, Voice-over


Original soundtrack

Pascal Lengagne, Composer

Philippe Villar, Composer and sound designer


Video mapping

Christophe Bertiaux/monoeil2b, Creative Director and Image Designer

François Simerey, Creative Director and Image Designer

Giulia Lanzone, Image Designer

Fabrice Thumerel, Image Designer

Ugo Cassanello, Video Mapping Engineer


Light design and operation

Bruno Corsini, Light designer and Operator


Pyrotechnics design & production

Grand final

Pierre-Emmanuelle Gélis, Pyrotechnics Designer

Stéphane Bazoge, Pyrotechnics Director and Productor, Security Coordinator



Technique and Security

PRG Group – Projection, sound, light and power distribution

Crystal Group – Water screen

Olips – Security of the public and technical equipment

Cabinet Raillard

ICE, Inspection Contrôle Evénementiel


UCD – Barriers

Philéas Images – Show filming and Editing

Sébastien Laugier, Producer

Greg Alibelli, Cameraman

Darius Favreau, Cameraman

Manfred Becq de Fouquières, Cameraman

Jérôme Reveillaud, Cameraman

Jocelyn Mazeau, Cameraman

Oscar Boissière, Cameraman

Elamine Oumara, Editor


Spontaneous filming

Xavier Guinchard – www.nostro.fr