350 000

More than 350,000 people attended the first edition of FILUSA, Light International Festival in Santiago de Chile.

October 25th, 26th and 27th, 2018
Interactive, cultural, multimedia itinerary
Project development: 3 months

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The festival took place over 3 consecutive days from 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm, illuminating emblematic buildings located in key points of the city. Video-mapping, sound and light shows, dance and urban happenings were some of the resources used to create a multimedia experience never seen before.

The evening’s festivities included the participation of renowned international artists, who developed urban art installations for the event. Among them, French Show designer Martin Arnaud, founder and Director of the company Les Petits Français, and Catalan choreographer Hansel Cereza, known as one of the founding team members of the company La Fura Dels Baus and choreographic Director of Cirque du Soleil.

The spectators went through 10 important areas of the municipality: Plaza de Armas, Parque Forestal, Museo Arte de Luz, Museo Bellas Artes, Cerro Santa Lucía, Basílica de la Merced, Museo de Santiago Casa Colorada and Municipal de Santiago.

In addition, the event included a multimedia show on the façade of the Banco de Chile’s headquarters, as part of the celebration of its 125th anniversary.

Although in Chile it is the first Light International Festival, it is not new in the world and major capitals also have events of this magnitude: in Sydney it is known as Vivid, in Moscow as Circle of light, Fête des Lumières in Lyon, to name but a few. In Chile, this festival was born with its own identity, where once a year it seeks to show art in a different and unique way, inviting the community to enjoy the city in a massive nocturnal event, where all members of the family have a space.

Until the closing of this great cultural festival, the Mayor, Felipe Alessandri, spoke and stressed that “the neighbours of the municipality and the inhabitants of the metropolitan region in general were able to enjoy a world-renowned show, which highlighted heritage buildings and emblematic places in the municipality showing us the city from a totally new and unprecedented perspective.”

The objective of the organizers is to invite citizens to appreciate the art from a unique and different point of view, in addition to positioning Filusa as one of the most important Light Festival in Latin America.

This first edition of Filusa was organized by the Municipality of Santiago in collaboration with the Corporation for the Development of Santiago, Cordesan, sponsored by Banco de Chile and produced by Icardi Producciones


Les Petits Français

Concept, artistic direction, and show design


Artistic Direction and Show Design for the Gala Dinner of Banco de Chile