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March 21st and 25th, 2022

Live and multimedia show

Project development: 2 months

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The World Water Forum is held every three years, providing a platform for global collaboration on water issues bringing together the main environmental stakeholders.

One month after inaugurating Diamniadio Olympic Stadium, Les Petits Français and their team returned to Senegal to design and stage the opening and closing ceremonies of the ninth edition of the Forum.

At such an event, attended by senior officials and specialists from all over the world, the stakes are incredibly high. The opening ceremony, the main focal point, needed to bring out this edition’s themes in a spectacular and accessible way.

In less than 72 hours, Dakar Arena was transformed into a showcase where technology, human performance, meaning and messages expressed the Forum’s values and highlighted the challenges it seeks to address.


Executive producer

Gérard Askinazi, Producer

Amelia six, Deputy manager

Vanessa Moutic, Production director

Jean-François Branchereau, Tecnical coordinator

Lamine Kagny, Production manager

Pascal Bornet, Site manager

Olivier Dupuis, Site coordinator

Vincent Lozouet, Site coordinator



Executive producer

Kader Diawara, Producer

Production team

Saliou Fall

Serigne Gaye

Sidath Toure


Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, artistic production, content production, and direction

Martin Arnaud, Show designer and director  

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic and content producer

Alain Gaillard, Technical director

Léa Pheulpin, First assistant director

Thaïs de Nanteuil, Logistics, and production coordinator



Docteur Massamba Gueye, Artistic collaboration, and interpreter

Youssou N’Dour, Author, composer, interpreter, musician, and ambassador of the 9th World Water Forum


Masters of ceremony

Asha Sumputh

Cheick Yvhane



Pierre Caillot, Compositeur

Sébastien Péronnet, Compositeur

Yoan Corchia, Sound engineer



Les Vandales

François Simerey Studio


Light design and programming

Jérôme Deschamps


Costume design

Caroline Denquin


Choregraphy and casting

Jean Tamba


Show caller

Laurence Pélissier


Stage Manager

Eric Solari

Wise Bayano


Pond and aquatic effects

Crystal Group


Sound and light