“Ici… Ailleurs”

Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris-La Défense

50 000

September 19th, 2014

Multimedia and Pyrotechnics Show

Project Development: 5 months



In April 2010, the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull caused a phenomenal paralysis of our air space. This unprecedented incident gave rise to the imaginary journey of a couple stuck in an airport, a show designed and produced by Les Petits Français.

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The couple’s adventures, drawn from their reveries, their memories or the comical situations they experience in the airport terminal, are the opportunity for an outlandish journey to the four corners of the world, with no constraints of time or place.

Monumental projections and spectacular pyrotechnics transported the 50,000 spectators present on the esplanade from Egypt to China, via the Silk Road, and on to Australia, Africa, New York and Brazil…

The show in figures:

– A 10-minute pre-show, followed by an original show lasting over 40 minutes and made up of 13 sequences and a pyrotechnical grand finale

– 5 months from concept to completion

– 39 video projectors covering the whole of the Grande Arche

– 14 towers of light and sound equipment and over 120 sources

– 542kg of active matter and more than 10,000 projectiles

– An artistic and technical team of more than 100 people

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction and executive production

Martin Arnaud, Artistic Director

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer

Rachel Gonidec, Project Manager

Antoine Bertrand, Technical Director

Damien Peltier, General Site Manager

Laurent Laborne, Site Manager


Pyrotechnics design, logistic and safety

Grand Final


Original soundtrack

Pascal Lengagne, Philippe Villar and Pierre Caillot


Voice over

Barbara Schulz and Cyrille de Lasteyrie/”Vinvin”


Video mapping

Christophe Bertiaux

François Simerey

Claudio Cavallari

Base 80


Light design and programmning

Bruno Corsini, Light Designer & Operator



Perrine Arnaud, Graphic Designer – roughs for the show

Philippe Laurent, L’Atelier 15, Graphic Designer – Posters



ETC London-Paris – Video-projection

Adrem – Show control & Network

Magnum – Light, sound & power distribution

GM Événements – Structures

Olips – Safety & Hostesses

Philéas Images – Show filming & Editing

Sébastien Laugier, Producer

Darius Favreau, Cameraman

Jérôme Reveillaud, Cameraman

Oscar Boissière, Cameraman

Elamine Oumara, Editor

2T Productions – Show filming

Audrey Malabry, Project Manager

Barbara Lancia, Cameraman

Anthony Zambelli, Cameraman

Ousmane Ba, Cameraman


Spontaneous filming

Xavier Guinchard – www.nostro.fr



Pascal Thiebaut

Martin Sylvos

Arnaud Perrel

Frédéric Lepla

Serge Decoster

Vincent Blot