King Abdullah Sports City Opening Ceremony and King’s cup final

King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Jeddah

85 000

May 1st, 2014

Live and Multimedia Show

Project Development: 6 months


In Jeddah’s brand new stadium, 85,000 spectators gathered around His Highness Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, to attend a show like no other the country had ever seen!

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This original creation, which juxtaposed the Kingdom’s past, present and future, brought to the stage more than 1,500 local performers. With Les Petits Français’ team at the helm, a complete production – from show design to stage direction on site – was accomplished in under six months, drawing on the best of technology and the most talented of experts for an absolutely monumental result!


Executive Production


MMG/Come and Do



Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction, artistic and content production


Production team

Jean-Christophe Canizares

John Rbeiz

Abdulaziz Al Rebdi

Arnaud Richard

Benjamin Rudd

Ammar Al Zieter

Al Sadig Sultan

Rawad Taqlas

Saad Anis


Artistic team

Martin Arnaud

Marilyn Kuentz

Olivier Ferracci

Raphael Daguet

Anne Larra

Rachel Gonidec

Jean-François Branchereau

Nayef A. Alghamdi

Bénédicte Bonnisseau


Image and design production

Christophe Bertiaux


Youri Zeliviansky

Thomas Pineau

Yves Courbet


Original soundtrack


Julien Monie


Light design and operation

ACT Lighting Design

Koert Vermulen

Lukas Van Broeck

Jimmy Stas

Joost Potters



Groupe F

François Montel

Jonas Bidault

Eric Fauroux


Casting and stage direction

Faisal Yamani

Moujib Amri


Costumes design and production

Siraj Sanad


Cast and gate managers

Sébastien Jovys

Frédéric Margot

Arnaud Perrel

Denis Brechet

Laurent Bourcier

Romane Boiste

Christophe Bernard




Jean-Luc Olime


Pitch cover and banners


Nicolas Muller

Denis Julia


Operations team

Hans Deuz

Martin Kligman

Jose Angel Yague-Sanz

Jacques Irrmann

Renaud Campana

Jacky Boileau

Laurent Laborne

Maelle Ferre

Sylvain Goulamhoussen

Eric Le Jeunne

Sultan Aldughiman

Bilal Al. Darabe

Marine Daguet

Benjamin Bodi


Light and sound


Laurent Boillot

Thomas Derieu

Mathieu Bruni


Video mapping


Nicolas Manichon

Patrick Lefevre

Guillaume Milza

Yan Kaimakis



Unusual Rigging & Stage Technologies

Phil Dickinson

Peter Quinlan

Richard Willcox



XL Video

Stefaan Vanbesien

Michael Dawes

Yosé Dutto

Jan Lehouk




Jean-Yves Gueret


Show control and network


Bernard Hamon




Maria Lacombe

Marc Van Pelt

Sultan Al Muheisen

Chris Demeulemeester

Angel Martos

Mohammed Rizk

Remco Verhorst

Sultan Aldughiman

Bilal Al. Darabe

Marine Daguet

Benjamin Bodi