Nouvelle Comédie de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland


October 21st, 2021

Contemporary opera

Project development: 8 months

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“Les Larmes d’Eugénie” (“Eugenis’s tears”) is an opera written by Mélanie Laurent in 2020 for the Haute Joaillerie Gala held at the Grand Palais in Paris.

“At the time, the novel coronavirus was spreading around the world, leading to a series of cancellations and growing sadness and cultural frustration.

Eugenie and Igor, the two protagonists of the piece, were already written, composed and ready to love each other, but were desperately waiting to meet, tragically separated in their story, but also in life, which was taking a tragic turn… It seems their love will conquer all, and tonight, for the first time, they will finally save and love each other on stage, before your very eyes.

After a heart-rending, months-long absence of shows, we now know how essential it is to be moved, to travel, to escape.

More than ever, we need to dream – together.”

It was with these words, on the evening of October 21, 2021, that Mélanie launched the one and only performance of this aquatic opera of a new kind.

We worked with Mélanie and her team on the scenography and realization of her creation, devising the most beautiful of settings: a stage made entirely of water and equipped with a pit and special effects, a stage cage offering several projection surfaces, and a high-performance 3D flight system.

To round off our artistic collaboration, we also undertook the design and production of the 3D audio and video-mapping.

An opera by Mélanie Laurent

Libretto: Mélanie Laurent and Jocelyn Lagarrigue                                                                                               

Music: Jérôme Billy

Director: Mélanie Laurent

1st assistant: Morgan Perez


Singers and musicians

Eugénie: Elena Stikhina

Igor: Francesco Demuro

Sailors’ Choir: Rémy Corbier, Stéphane Hézode, Jean-Baptiste Alcouffe

Limay children’s choir, choral director: Viki Durivault

Pianist: Damien Lehman

Violinist: François Sochard



Eugénie: Stéphanie Troyak

Igor: Or Schraiber

Aerial choreography: Jeff Odet assisted by Yoann Benhamou

Aerial performers: Quentin Signori, Charlotte Michelon, Marion Verd





Mely Productions, Jacques Royer

Executive Producer


Les Petits Français

Scenography, artistic collaboration, and content production

Martin Arnaud: Scenography, artistic collaboration



Dulcie Best assisted by Anne-Marie Baron


Light Design

Philippe Berthomé assisted by Yves Mangin



Claudio Cavallari


Sound Design

Yoan Corchia


Pool and water effects

Crystal Group


Local production and DMC

MCI Genève


Technical services

Dorier Group


Front of house, stage management, and set construction

Nouvelle Comédie de Genève



Elliott Verdier