“Nuits Urbaines”

Esplanade, La Défense, Paris, France

40 000

September 24th-26th, 2015

Interactive, cultural, multimedia itinerary

Project development: 8 months

The show

From September 24th to 26th, 2015, as night began to fall, Nuits Urbaines brought to life Europe's foremost business quarter to "give it a new face" and make it a cultural hotspot, accessible to everyone.

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The concept we chose to create and implement consisted of an adventure made up of five interactive, participatory, contemplative and festive areas using different and complementary techniques and media, the objective being to offer a totally diverse gamut of experiences. A truly original work, all of these installations were created and produced especially for the event and distributed over the whole esplanade from the Grande Arche to the Bassin Takis: Water concert A musical style, water effects, a range of colours: thanks to interactive terminals, participants activated the Agam fountain in the form of a concert allying water, sound and light! Urban vertigo The “Bridge of Every Danger” opened up the ground of La Défense, uncovering the subterranean life “under the paving stones” of the business district, thanks to a system of projections of anamorphoses. Shared moods Reflections of their emotions, the participants express themselves through interactive tablets to set in motion a mysterious, multi-coloured cloud in the middle of the esplanade in a visual and musical symphony. Silence! We’re dancing Equipped with a cordless headset, the public took part in a silent disco at the foot of Bernar Venet’s sculpture, in the heart of the Quartier Michelet. Fire drums Ready to play with fire and water, participants joined crazy conductor, Pierre Caillot. Using interactive drums, they trigger flames, water jets and geysers on the Bassin Takis in a splendid collective visual and musical choreography. To ensure active participation from the public, we developed and produced a dedicated interactive app (iPhone and Android). Each installation was the result of a complex production process, due to the fact that the technologies we used were especially developed for the event. Nuits Urbaines was the first event of this type organised in Paris–La Défense.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design and direction


Production team

Marilyn Kuentz, Producer

Anne Larra, Producer

Marine Daguet, Project Manager

Artistic team

Martin Arnaud, Show designer and Director


Conception and image production

Perrine Arnaud, Illustrator and graphic designer (sketches of the show, posters and app content)

François Simerey Studio

François Simerey, Set and Image Designer


Original soundtrack

Pierre Caillot

Philippe Villar

Pascal Lengagne

Fabien Langard


Lighting design and programming

Bruno Corsini

Stage Managers

Rachel Gonidec

Christophe Bernard

Fréderic Margot

Roman Boiste

Frédéric Raynaud

Arnaud Perrel


Technical and logistics team

Antoine Bertrand, Technical Director

Damien Peltier, General Manager



Adventis, Set

Magnum, Video-projection, light, power distribution, audio, communications

Crystal Group, Special effects and flames

Adrem, Technical development of the dedicated interactive app, Show control & Networks

Olips, Equipment and public security


Filming and editing

Philéas Images

2T Production



Laurent Attias