Plaza del Milenio


April 15th, 2010

Concept and urban scenography

Perennial city square project

The Valladolid municipality council asked Les Petits Français to design an innovative and spectacular project for the urban regeneration of a forgotten city square: the Plaza del Milenio.

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Les Petits Français worked in partnership with a young firm of talented architects, EXP Architectes, in order to jointly propose an idea on the redevelopment of this city square, incorporating two key factors: an underground car park and one of the emblematic pavilions of the international exhibition, Expo Zaragoza 2008.

The aim of the urban scenography is to bring spatial unity to the city, while preserving Valladolid’s identity and that of its inhabitants. Not far from the city centre, Plaza del Milenio serves as a symbolic place as it borders the River Pisuerga and occupies a pivotal position between the historical centre and the rest of the city.

A meeting point, a hub, a haven, this concourse is well placed to unite people and foster exchange in a natural environment around a modern and ecological pavilion.

The idea is therefore to play on existing elements, to appropriate them so as to enrich and push the urban and natural limits, thereby giving this innovative space a unique value.

Les Petits Français

Concept and urban scenography

Martin Arnaud

Marilyn Kuentz


Urbanization, isabel la católica bridge, landscaping

EXP Architectes

Antoine Chassagnol, Architect

Maxime Vincens, Architect

Nicolas Moskwa, Architect

DAD Arquitectura

Sara Delgado Vázquez, Architect

Juan Carlos Delgado, Architect

Car park – DAD Arquitectura

Sara Delgado Vázquez

Juan Carlos Delgado

Pavilion – Cloud 9

Enric Ruiz Geli

Edouard Cabay


Project writing & works direction

Eduardo Sánchez Sánchez




José Miguel Novillo Almendros, Representative

Beatriz Díaz López andy Nuria Peláez, Construction Manager




Alberto Pérez Duque


Artistic collaboration

Rubén García

Fundación municipal de cultura (Valladolid City Council)

Perrine Arnaud


Web / corporative image

Realce Comunicación


Exhibition set-up

Realce Comunicación







EXP Architectes