“Pura energía, puro Chile”

Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago de Chile

450 000

Sept. 16th – 21st, 2010

Multimedia show

Project development: 8 months

Les Petits Français were asked by the President of the Republic's Bicentenary Commission, with the support of CGE Group, to create a multimedia show to commemorate 200 years of independence in Chile, to be produced by Icardi Producciones.

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For six days, the façade of Palacio de la Moneda was the star of this show. An audiovisual narrative boasting cutting-edge technology recounted the country’s history from its beginnings. Fragments of poems by Pablo Neruda opened the show. Images on the façade of the palace and on water screens, smoke and pyrotechnic effects lit up the commemoration. The story revisited the pre-Hispanic period and paid tribute to the country’s ethnic groups before coming full circle back to today, offering the Chilean public an opportunity to look back over and relive key moments – those that have shaped their identity.

Images of the Viaducto del Malleco, the earthquake and the 33 miners, as well as of facets of popular culture, such as La Tirana Festival, Condorito and the music of Violeta Parra, brought spectators to tears both of joy and sadness and emphasized the qualities of strength, will and tenacity that typify the Chilean people.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction, artistic and content production

Martin Arnaud, Original Concept and Creator

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer

Christophe Bertiaux/mon Oeil de Bertiaux, Monumotion video Creative Director

François Simerey, Video Design

Ugo Cassanello, Video Design

Olivier Scheffer, Video Design

Claudio Cavallari, Video Design

Guillaume Talvas, Video Editor

Perrine Arnaud, Storyboard

Philippe Villar, Composer and Sound Designer

Fabien Langard, Composer and Sound Designer

Pascal Lengagne, Composer

Pierre Caillot, Composer

Bruno Corsini, Light Design

Pierre-Emmanuel Gélis / Grand Final, Pyrotechnics Designer

Stéphane Bazoge / Grand Final, Pyrotechnics co-Designer

Carolina Peña Brunet, Content Coordinator

Anne Larra, Production Director

Rachel Gonidec, Artistic Production Assistant

Jean-Marc Hennaut, Technical Director

Clément Rabréaud, Technical Coordinator

Vanessa Aubac, Logistic Coordinator



Icardi Producciones

Esteban Icardi, Executive Producer

Adriana Cibie, Contents and Business Director

Carmen Mc Intyre, Contents and Business Director

Ximena Ibarra, Administrative and Financial Director

Andrés García, Cultural Manager

Norberto Berrios, Production Manager

Alejandro Secchi, Production Assistant

José Cruces, Production Assistant

María Elisa Martínez, Second Production Assistant

Paula Ibarra,  Production Assistant

Valentina Icardi, Production Assistant

Javiera Pacheco, Production Assistant

Marcela Pacheco, Production Assistant

Claudio Cicali, Logistics Coordinator

Nils Brahm, Pre-Production Manager

Andrés Pezoa,  Production Photographer

Stage Hands :

Juan Pereira

Elit Moena

Julio Guzman

Diomenes Bravo

Diomenes Bravo

Víctor Soto

Marcelo Maturana

Enrique Bivanco

Jimmy Armijo

Jorge Castillo

Manuel Castillo

Germán Valenzuela, Logistics and Transportation

Cesar Soto, Logistics and Transportation Assistant

Emilie Chabbert, Production Assistant and Translator

Interviews and Act I “Somos Chilenos” edition:

Juvenal Rodríguez Segall, Executive Producer and Director

Juan Pablo Seisdedos Diez, Director

Víctor Hugo Carrasco, Cameraman

Marcos Rodríguez, Cameraman

Patricia De La Cuadra, Post-Production Video

Ronny Figueroa, Post-Production Video

Jorge Rodríguez, Assistant

Mauricio Vergara, Transportation



Video “naturaleza chilena”

“Tesoros de Chile” by Roberto Mardones

Condorito Animation

Emu Films

Ricardo Amunategui, Executive Production

Alejandro Gonzalez, Animation Direction

Jose Miguel Prieto, Technical Production

Nicolas Ugarte, Authorizations and Licences

Andre Busquet, Animation Assistant

Victoria Amunategui, Paint

Joaquín Ulloa, Animation

Paul Badilla, Animation

Silvia Avalos, Technical Support

Cristóbal Montenegro, Set-up

Photography and Chilean images

Juan Domingo Marinello

Max Donoso

19th and 20th centuries images : construction and set-up imagination

Margarita Alvarado P.

Pedro Mege R.

Christian Báez A. Pehuén Editores



ETC AUDIOVISUEL – Video Projection

Yan Kaimakis, OnlyView Operator

Patrick Lefèvre, Video Technician

Nicolas Demarque, Video Technician


David Kobler, Water Effects Technician


Bruno Santaguida, Manager

Badillo Gabriel, Operator

Sánchez Jorge, Operator

ORBITA – Light

Gladys Hervia Diaz, Manager

Alicia Lawner Barrenechea, Manager

Wilfredo Venti, Manager


Special thanks

Gobierno de Chile

Grupo CGE

Comisión Bicentenario


El Mercurio


Radio UNO

Corporación Patrimonio Cultural de Chile

Embajada de Francia

Municipalidad de Santiago

Intendencia de Santiago

Archivo Nacional

Armada De Chile

Ejército de Chile

Biblioteca Nacional

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes


Corporación Fomento Cultural de Chile

Fundación Pablo Neruda

Juan Domingo Marinello

Dr. Juan Pablo González, Consejo de Fomento de la Música Nacional

Roberto Mardones, Tesoros de Chile

Museo Histórico Nacional

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Sociedad Chilena de Derechos de Autor