“San Pedro Regalado”


50 000

May 14th, 2007

Live multimedia show

Project development: 5 months

A show comprising a philharmonic orchestra, wide-format projections on an inflated structure, pyrotechnic effects, and the latest in light and sound technologies.

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To highlight or acknowledge the importance of the city’s patron saint with an upbeat and emotionally charged show to appeal to any audience.

The first segment consisted of staging a dialogue, based on historical facts, between grandfather and grandson. The aim was to emphasize human values such as respect, harmony, caring and sharing.

The second part of the show also drew on these same values. A philharmonic orchestra and choir turned the speech into music, while wide-format projections, lighting, water and fire effects were used to express them in a pictorial way.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction, content and artistic production

Martin Arnaud, Concept, Show Design and direction

Christophe Bertiaux / Mon Oeil, Image design

Fabien Langard, Sound design

Pepa Calvo, Narration

Alain Gaillard, Technical direction

Laurent Laborde, Logistics

Nuria Nava Coll, Artistic coordination

Jean-Jacques Crance, Photos



Walter Haupt, Conductor

Lemberg Philharmonic Orchestra




La Machine à faire du Bleu

Jorge Gonzalez Blanco / Urfirnis, Production

Manolo casado / Urfirnis, Production Direction

Guillaume Pinte / La Machine à faire du Bleu, Co-Production