Diamniadio, Senegal

40 000

February 22nd, 2022

Live and multimedia show

Project development : 2 months

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With four years to go before the Youth Olympic Games, which will be held on the African continent for the first time, the government’s Plan for an Emerging Senegal is proving to be remarkably dynamic.

Les Petits Français were invited to participate in this great national adventure by contributing their know-how in sporting events and ceremonies.

As the Senegal national football team, the Lions of Teranga, were crowned African champions for the first time, President Macky Sall celebrated his team’s victory in Cameroon on February 6, 2022, and officially announced the inauguration of the Diamniadio Olympic Stadium.

This was quite a feat, considering that in the space of just a month, the stadium – the construction of which had only begun in 2020 – was not only completed but ready to host senior international officials as they attended a decidedly ambitious ceremony.

Mission accomplished, thanks to their expertise and a truly extraordinary collaboration with the Senegalese authorities and people.

On the evening of February 22, 2022, Diamniadio’s brand new sporting heart started to beat, for over five exhilarating hours of noble and spectacular festivities.


Executive producer

Gérard Askinazi, Producer

Amelia six, Deputy manager

Christophe Bruyelle, Production director

Jean-François Branchereau, Tecnical coordinator

Lamine Kagny, Production manager

Mouna Ksiaa, Production manager

Pascal Bornet, Site manager

Olivier Dupuis, Site coordinator



Executive producer

Kader Diawara, Producer

Produccion team

Saliou Fall

Serigne Gaye

Sidath Toure


Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, artistic production, content production, and direction

Martin Arnaud, Show designer and director  

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic and content producer

Alain Gaillard, Technical director

Vanessa Rybicki, Artistic production coordinator

Thaïs de Nanteuil, logistics and production coordinator


Artistique collaboration and interpreter

Docteur Massamba Gueye



Pierre Caillot, Composer



Les Vandales


Light design and programming

Jérôme Deschamps


Costume design

Caroline Denquin


Choregraphy and casting

Jean Tamba


Show caller

Laurence Pélissier


Stage Manager

Eric Solari


Backstage Manager

David Chekroun


Design and pyrotechnics production

Grand Final Fireworks


Canvas and operation

Pierre Laugier


Dushow France and Morocco

Sound and light

Stéphane Paoli, Chargé d’affaires

Yoan Corchia, Sound engineer

Technical team

Yoann Poulain-Martin

Edouard Houdayer

Valéry Chenal

Arnaud Laby

Antoine Joly




Richard Di Méglio, Président and CEO

Lucas Lopez

William Sabotier

Florent Daros

Albert Weiss

Xavier de Roy

Victor Daros