UEFA Euro 2008: closing ceremony


50 000

June 29th, 2008

Live show

Project development (Opening & Closing ceremonies): 13 months

In May 2007 Martin Arnaud and the agency Auditoire won the international competition launched by UEFA to design, produce and stage the EURO 2008 opening and closing ceremonies.

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Just a few minutes before the final between Germany and Spain…

In Vienna’s Ernst Happel Stadion, 50,000 jubilant spectators await the Closing Ceremony with baited breath…

Waltz of the Nations

Tribute is paid to the 16 competing nations, represented by Waltzing Puppets on the field.

A three-part waltz of warriors, where the steps reinterpret the competition process on a field in the grips of the wild beat.

The lackeys – acting as masters of ceremony – uncover the ground step by step, enabling the winners to get to the final.

All around the field are 300 “supporters” encouraging the spectators to support their teams.

Les Petits Français

Concept, show design, direction and artistic production

Martin Arnaud, Concept, show Design and direction

Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer


Auditoire Agency

Executive production

Philippe Castanet, General Production

Chipie, Production Direction

Valentine Ventura, Artistic Coordination

Jean-Marc Hennaut, Technical Direction


Original soundtrack & sound design

Pierre Caillot

Pascal Lengagne

Fabien Langard

Philippe Villar


Costume design

Dulcie Best, Costume Design

Anne Marie Baron, Costume Designer Assistant

Olivier Fermier & Frédéric Lanjouere, Prop Design



Beatrice Goetz



David Lefranc